TODD LA TORRE - Drums & Vocals


Tommy Roxx feels blessed to have had Todd La Torre be a member of BIG DEAL! during the 2010 season. Todd La Torre was born and raised in Florida. His attraction to music began with his first drumset at the age of seven. His formal training with the acoustic guitar began at ten. Todd continued with both drums and electric guitar throughout highschool, where he was a member of the school band and local rock bands. He began writing music at just fourteen and continues to this day. While trained at an early age at both, he went on to specialize with drums and vocals. Todd was raised in a primarily musical family and was exposed to all genres of music, finally favoring heavy and progressive metal. Todd’s approach to writing stems from his lifes experience, heart and soul. “I want my lyrics to make people think, even after the song is over”. He believes although other instruments are tools which create mood, nothing delivers like an emotional voice. Knowing this, Todd’s passion for singing was assured. Essentially unknown to the mainstream progressive metal scene, La Torre spent 22 years earning his stripes and solidifying himself as an unquestionable talent behind the drum kit of various hard rock and heavy metal projects in the Tampa Bay Florida area; as we head in to 2013 Todd La Torre is now the lead vocalist for both  Crimson Glory and  Queensrÿche

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